Give your Control4 system superpowers.

Introducing Flex Control, the first purpose-built product line created to allow your Control4 systems to seamlessly integrate with Z-Wave, 433 Hz, IR, and other protocol devices with native Composer compatibility.


Bridge the Impossible

Expand the capabilities of your Control4 installs with Flex Control Bridges. Offer custom and unique solutions beyond what's possible with just native hardware. Integrate preexisting RF-controlled devices, offer a whole host of unique Z-Wave devices, and easily add IR control anywhere. All without leaving the convenience of Composer.


Expand your Control4 Systems with Z-Wave devices.

  • Supports all certified Z-Wave devices with Generic Drivers
  • Free Driver with 2-way feedback and low latency
  • Provision and configure devices without leaving Composer
  • Shipping Now!


Easily add IR control anywhere in your project

  • Built-in IR/Serial ports and 3-way IR blaster
  • Use your existing Composer IR library to control your favorite devices
  • Flexible Installation with LAN, Wi-Fi, POE and AC Power
  • Shipping Q1 2022


Integrate 433 MHz Shades, Fans, Fireplaces and more

  • Record and repeat 433 commands on demand
  • Build-in native Somfy integration with generic drivers
  • Record and configure RF devices without leaving Composer
  • Shipping Q2 2022

Why Flex?

We designed the Flexbox after years of experience as integrators to add an element of creativity and flexibility to our Control4 systems.

We now want to share it with you, so you can integrate preexisting subsystems and offer your customers solutions never before possible—not to replace Control4, but to make it even better.

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    A purpose-built Z-Wave Bridge designed to allow you to integrate any Z-Wave Device with your Control4 Systems. Easily connect powerful Z-Wave lighting controls, sensors, actuators, and other unique Z-Wave devices all within the comfort of the Control4 Composer ecosystem with the free Generic and Device-Specific Drivers.

    FlexBox face view


    Designed for Control4 Integrators with a built-in LAN/WLAN Interface, AC/POE Power options, and full system configuration within Control4 Composer

    Generic Device Drivers

    With Generic Device Drivers, you can integrate any Z-Wave Device with basic functionality and 2-way communication.

    Device-Specific Drivers

    We are constantly developing and testing device-specific drivers to allow for full integration with select partner Z-Wave devices

    Optional IR & Serial IOs

    Optional IR & Serial IOs provide additional control functionality for installation behind TVs or near AV Equipment.


    The FlexBox-IR is a simple and affordable bridge designed to add IR & Serial control to any Control4 system. With the small form factor, LAN/WLAN interface, and AC/PoE Power, the FlexBox-IR allows you to add IR and Serial control in any Room.

    FlexBox side view

    Compact and Flexible

    Small form factor, build-in LAN/WLAN Interface and AC/POE Power options, make FlexBox-IR a perfect add-on to any Control4 System

    IR Blaster

    Build-in 3-directional IR Blaster allows for easy device control if IR emitters are not an optimal choice

    IR and Serial IOs

    2x IR Outputs, 1x IR Input, and 1x 2way Serial IO are all available for bindings with your favorite IR drivers right in Cotrol4 Composer.


    Professional 433Mhz bridge designed to seamlessly integrate with your Control4 Systems. With FlexBox-RF you can capture any 433Mhz or Somfy command and bind them to device drivers or custom programming right inside Composer. With the extra long-range radio now you can control fans, fireplaces, LEDs, shades, motorized screens, and more. The bridge connects to Control4 via LAN or Wi-Fi and can be powered by AC or PoE allowing for flexible installation anywhere.

    The FlexBox

    433Mhz Learning

    Similar to IR Learning, you can now learn any 433 Remote and integrate generic devices with Control4

    Somfy Library

    Built-in Somfy Libray allows for the integration of many shades and motorized screens whish use Somfy/433Mhz motors.

    Optional IR & Serial IOs

    Optional IR & Serial IOs provide additional control functionality for installation behind TVs or near AV Equipment

    Compact and Flexible

    Small form factor, built-in LAN/WLAN Interface, and AC/POE Power options allow for flexible installation on any project